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Commonly used anti-counterfeit technology in cosmetics packaging
DATE:2017-9-1   VISITORS:1030

In the conventional anti-counterfeit cosmetics packaging design, often adopt an effective anti-counterfeiting technology, mainly:

1, paper, safe

Paper is the basis of cosmetics packaging printing, do some special paper, basically a special process anti-counterfeiting function. There are three main types:

(1) water paper

In the papermaking process, the use of technical means to do paper trademark design, these cosmetics packaging design is usually not easy to see, only to see in the light of the strong development in the era of science and technology, watermark, security experts all over the world are being recognized as effective anti fake technology. Watermark types can be divided into black and white watermark or fixed watermark, not fixed watermark and semi fixed watermark.

(2) fiber paper;

When paper, pulp, fiber, filament or dots are already functional, they are made of paper, mixed with pulp fibers and colored and colorless fluorescent fibres, 2.

(3) line

In the paper making process, will be placed in the middle of the wire or plastic wire, as the anti-counterfeit cosmetics packaging paper, the effect is very good. Generally divided into open windows, half open windows, and open a window.

2, the merger process

With all kinds of printing equipment, printing process, and a variety of mutual penetration such as rubber, silk, concave, soft, bronzing, combination printing printing process, printing products more rich and colorful, the printing change unpredictably, cosmetics packaging products to try to set up obstacles to new technology fraud and resistance.